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Shopping at The Hazelnut

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Because some of our items are made after you make your purchase,

we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Shipping is now added at checkout, along with any applicable sales tax.

Your purchase makes a difference!

Your purchase helps our family pay for college costs 

and to help a young woman establish her profession in musical theater.

In addition, The Hazelnut is committed to donating a portion of profits

to nourishing the dreams of young people.


Donations to date:

Young Heroes Scholarship (Go Polars!)

Red Lake Nation College.

The Hazelnut Designs + Hippy Feet Socks
100% Recycled Paper Cards - Printed locally at a carbon-neutral facility
5" X 7" Lined Journals - Made in USA
5.25" X 8.25" Dot Journals - Made in USA
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