The Story of The Hazelnut

Now I do love hazelnut-flavored steamed milk and, of course, that yummy, chocolatey hazelnut spread, but that is not where The Hazelnut derives its name. 


In early 2021, I had to find a way to help my daughter, Lily, pay her college tuition. Out of that challenge came the notion to start an online store that featured designs created by both Lily and myself. Now if you know Lily, you know she is full of life, creating continually, and our dancing songbird. A common phrase in our house is, “Wherever Lily is, there is a song.” She has worked for years sharpening her singing, acting and dancing skills and has a dream of being on Broadway. I want to help her get there! 


As the store was taking shape, it needed a name. Searching for a name brought me back to the early 1940’s and the birth of my mother. Her name means “Life” and is derived from the French word for “hazelnut”. If you’ve met my mother you know it’s very fitting: she is full of life and a little bit of a nut! When I was born, she and my father passed that name on to me. This store is named in honor of my mother, celebrating the name we both share. 


Just as my mother nurtured, encouraged and supported me in pursuing my dreams, I now get to do that for my daughter. 


Did I mention that I also have a son – who has since started college as well? I better get back to work!



...just a mom helping make dreams come true